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What do I get?

What's included in the program?

Before you go:

Great advice from our partner organisations about visas, flights, insurance, what your working holiday visa allows you to do, what to pack and what to expect on your Work New Zealand adventure. To find the partner in your home country, click here.

Exclusive access to the IEP Members Website

The IEP Members Lounge is reserved exclusively for Work New Zealand participants.
You'll find loads of useful information here on banking, tax, insurance, fun events around the country, mail forwarding and exclusive job listings. There are message boards for selling and buying as well as general travel hints and tips.

Your first 48 hours in New Zealand:

  • Airport transfer (personal pick-up if you travel in a group)
  • Arrival accommodation and breakfast in central Auckland hostel
  • Free internet access
  • Free local phone calls

Arrival Orientation

Arriving in a new country can be scary thing, we know! That's why we've put together a fun and informative arrival orientation for you, to help you settle in. You'll start feeling at home before you know it! Orientation runs for approximately 3 hours and gives you comprehensive information on the following:

  • Finding a job, including CV advice
  • Information & assistance with opening a bank account
  • Travel options around New Zealand
  • Tax, including applications for IRD (tax numbers)
  • Buying a car
  • Mobile phones
  • How to find short & long term accommodation

You'll also learn more about what makes New Zealand and its people unique - from our food, to the kiwi accent and slang, to our obsession with rugby!

During the Orientation we also take you through a virtual tour of New Zealand. We look at different regions, cities and towns and share our personal highlights of the country.  We also examine jobs that are available in different parts of the country, the price of accommodation as well as highlighting some of the must-see and must-do activities.

Orientation begins at 10:00am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For group arrivals of 10 or more we will also hold orientation on a Tuesday and Thursday. You do not need to book in for orientation, you can just come up to the office before it begins at 10:00am. Questions are encouraged to be asked throughout the session and where possible we will tailor the orientation to include information specific to your needs.

For your entire time in New Zealand:

  • Job support and advice
  • 24-hour emergency number
  • Travel shop in our office with great deals available to you
  • Short and long-term luggage storage (for that extra suitcase you simply had to bring)
  • Mail forwarding (you don't have to tell family and friends every time you move)
  • Social activities, like movie nights or pub meets

Most importantly, we have helpful and friendly staff! All our staff have lived and travelled overseas which makes us naturally very passionate about travel! It also means we understand what it's like to be in your shoes - to arrive in a new country with a head full of questions.  We love New Zealand to absolute pieces and we want you to feel the same.  We're here to help make your stay the best it can be.